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Belly Dance is a different approach to well being. Firstly, I am free to have FUN, meet other woman, be myself, relax, and just give myself some happiness. Belly Dance integrates spiritual and physical aspects – a great combination. What I found significant to belly dance is that the smaller underlying muscles get used, whereas in conventional muscle regimes they focus on the larger, more obvious muscle groups.

The isolated motions of the abdomen are certainly, the most distinguishing feature of bellydancing. The movements are circular, rolling, angular, some soft and flowing and some strong and vibrating. Movements such as hip drops, undulations, figure 8’s utilize the muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, spine and work with the body rather than against the body. During belly dancing, (if done correctly) the posture is kept with the pelvis slightly tilted forward (this opens your back to allow for better range of movement), your joints and ligaments in your lower back and hips are put through a full range of gentle, repetitive motion which help to prevent lower back problems. We also focus on using the muscles in your legs (hamstring, quads, gluteus) which tone your body and take pressure off your hips. Your arms and shoulders are also exercised when doing the snake-like movements, therefore your whole body gets a workout.

Since the movements are all based on our natural body movements, it is exactly this that makes belly dancing such a safe form of exercise for people of any age or size . No dance experience is required. Belly dance is good for you. It is a stress reliever that promotes flexibility and muscle strengthening and toning as well as improving posture, ridding the body of cellulite and helps with co-ordination.

The main benefits of belly dancing are:  
  1. Stress reliever
  2. Exercise benefits. Belly Dancing is a safe form of exercise for all ages, sizes. It promotes flexibility and muscle strengthening. Improves posture – prevents lower back problems
  3. Fun: Belly Dancing is a fun form of dance. One learns things that you wouldn’t learn at gym, like balancing, sword dancing etc
  4. Mental well – being: Releasing endorphins into the brain generates a feeling of WELL BEING. Belly dancing offers woman appreciation for her body, in today’s society that is filled with ‘quick fix” diets, make-up etc to make a woman feel beautiful. GREAT stress reliever
  5. Social opportunities; Woman get to meet and socialize with other woman and provide a safe and comfortable space for woman
  6. Cultural awareness: Learning this amazing form of dance that originates in the Middle East.
  7. Confidence: Providing woman with confidence and love for oneself.
  8. Physical well – being: Help get rid of cellulite, while you tone your body, improve on flexibility.
  9. Gross motor development in children
  10. co - ordination


Belly Dancing is FUN and CREATIVE, works your underlying muscles and makes one feel like a GODDESS.

Don’t forget the importance of warm-ups and cool downs before and after each lesson.

If you have any severe medical problems or are pregnant, please consult your doctor first and get the “go ahead” before attempting to belly dance.

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